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Adopt to and be Adept with the 21st Century Skills

Adopt to and be Adept with the 21st Century Skills

Changes are rapidly happening around the globe. Non-existent jobs years ago have become more in-demand in a society driven by automation, artificial intelligence, and other technological advancements. Businesses are continuously innovating their products and services to tailor to the needs of their developing customer landscape. Employees are also upgrading their skills and learning new ones.

With the complexities of today’s society, the World Economic Forum identified three broad categories of skills needed in the 21st century.

  • Foundational Literacies

    These represent how a learner applies foundational skills like literacy and numeracy in their everyday tasks. Before, these skills were enough for entry into the workforce industry. But now, they are only the starting point towards mastering other skills. Further, scientific literacy, ICT literacy, financial literacy, and cultural and civic literacy are added to this set. Every preschool in Orlando, Florida must incorporate tasks that develop these skills so their students would have a strong foundation as they learn more skills.

  • Competencies

    Otherwise known as the 4C’s (critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication) of the 21st century, these describe how learners approach complex challenges. Learning these competencies as early as daycare allows a child to solve problems in each stage of life.

  • Character qualities

    Persistence and adaptability, curiosity and initiative, leadership, and social and cultural awareness are under this category. Integrating these values in the activities in child care in Orlando, Florida will enable a child to approach the ever-changing society.

At Cub Academy, it is our commitment to promote lifelong learning in a caring environment. You can guarantee that all our curricular and non-curricular activities lead to developing these skills. If you don’t want your child to get left behind, talk to us.

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