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Bilingualism in Children – Some Myths and Benefits

Bilingualism in Children – Some Myths and Benefits

The world is becoming increasingly multilingual. According to hanen.org, 21% of school-age children speak a language other than English at home.

Being a preschool in Florida, we at Cub Academy take pride in providing bilingual instruction? this is part of what makes us unique. Here are some benefits of bilingualism in children:

  • Better focus on relevant information and being able to ignore distractions
  • Improved creativity, complex problem solving and planning
  • Greater access to people and resources

There are several myths about bilingualism that have been proven wrong, such as:

  • Bilingualism causing language delay
    A bilingual child’s vocabulary in each language may be smaller than average, but their total vocabulary in both languages will be at least the same as a monolingual child.
  • Confusion when mixing languages
    Children using both languages in the same sentence or conversation (also known as code-mixing or code-switching) is not a symptom of speech delay or confusion. Rather, it is a sign of bilingual proficiency and is common in bilinguals.

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