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Building Up Preschoolers’ Speech and Language Skills

Building Up Preschoolers’ Speech and Language Skills

Spending time and playing together with a preschooler does not only strengthen parent-child relationship, it also is essential for development as it allows children to keep exploring and learning.

At Cub Academy, we aim to help develop sensory and speech skills for preschoolers. Children of this age stumble over words and stutter that only lead to frustration and tantrums. That’s why there should be practice and support to develop their speaking skill.

A preschool in Florida provides sessions that best encourage children to develop their language and speaking skills through communication and fun activities such as singing nursery rhymes. Talking with them in complete sentences about what they are interested in, reading children’s stories aloud, and talking about them are also encouraged.

We also integrate sessions with day care and provide fun daily activities to promote readiness in communication. Some activities include:

  • Scavenger hunt. Preschoolers develop their speech through speaking with their teachers and schoolmates. They can actively listen to instructions as well.
  • Puzzle Time. Talking with a preschool about the puzzle and helping them build their vocabulary can also help them in their language skills.
  • Daily walks. Preschoolers are naturally curious. When they are outside, they ask a lot of questions and information. That can actively help them in their language skills.

There are other special and fun activities we can do. We are dedicated to child care in Orlando, Florida and we can provide your children with quality learning.

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