• We are a NUT Free School.
  • Spanish Emergent School
  • Healthy Food Provided (Home-like food)

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Below are frequently asked questions and their answers. Please be sure to check them out!

Are the teachers and staff background screened?
It is required by the Department of Children and Families that all staff employed by Cub Academy have three background screening: local, state and FBI.
I want to visit the school, what should I do?
Contact Cub Academy and set up a tour. Tours can be scheduled between 9:00am -12:00pm and 3:30pm – 5:30pm and we encourage you to bring the whole family to experience our curriculum in action.
How does Cub Academy ensure my child’s safety?

The safety of the children in our care is our first priority!

Cub Academy features:

  • Secured Entry
  • Classroom Monitoring Cameras
  • Open Concept Classrooms
  • Age Appropriate Toys and Materials
  • Background Screening of all Staff
  • Daily Safety Checks
  • Appropriate Child to Staff Ratios
  • Active Supervision
Do Cub academy have internet viewing available for parents?
At this time, we are not confident in the security of this type of monitoring. We believe very strongly in the confidentiality and privacy of our children and families. We, do however, encourage parents to view their children within the classroom at any time. We have monitoring systems around the daycare and parents are welcome to come in and observe their child.
Will my child have access to a computer?
Computers are located in all preschool-age classrooms for children to utilize during enriching play. The computers are equipped with age-appropriate educational software.
What is Cub Academy Guidance policy?
Our discipline of children provides a positive guidance, redirection, and the setting of limits. When children receive positive, non-violent and understanding interactions from adults and peers they develop good self-concepts problems solving abilities and self-discipline. Based on this belief, we do not allow any form of corporal punishment, verbal abuse or any discipline that would involve withholding food, rest or toileting.
What if my child becomes ill during the day?
At the first sign of illness, the staff at your child’s school will contact you. Our schools closely follow the license regulations on the exclusion of children due to health issues. If your child’s symptoms are any of those listed, you will be asked to pick up your child. Often, the calls are just courtesy calls that let you know how your child is feeling and give you an opportunity to contact your child’s doctor, pick up your child a little early, or make alternate plans for child care the next day.
What if my child has food allergies?
At Cub Academy, we want to ensure every child’s safety. If your child has any food allergies please notify the school immediately so we can add your child to our school allergy list. Our menu is available for parents to review. Substitutions will be made when possible; however, parents must provide a substitute if one is not available.
Why do Cub Academy children eat lunch in their classrooms?
Our teachers purposefully enjoy “Family Style” meals with their children during lunchtime. This is a time of bonding and conversation in a familiar space as well as a great opportunity for the children to learn and practice table manners. Children are able to transition and get ready for their meal by helping set the table and have the time to eat at their own pace. Children are not rushed to finish in order to accommodate another group coming into a lunchroom. Cafeterias are very efficient for older children, but young children benefit from a more relaxed atmosphere and the freedom to pace their meal.