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Creative Ways to Teach Preschool Kids to Count

Creative Ways to Teach Preschool Kids to Count

Although children formally learn to count in kindergarten, you can begin teaching your kids math skills earlier. At Cub Academy, a day care in Florida, we encourage parents to start introducing math concepts to their children as early as possible. In fact, teaching your little ones to count can be fun and easy.

There are many enjoyable ways to teach kids about number concepts and counting. For example, when cooking, you should point to each ingredient and count them with your child.

When you’re at home, make counting a natural part of your interactions with your kids. You can ask them to count to 10 as they wash their hands. Another tip is counting how many steps it takes to get from one room to another. If you can continue using this technique in other activities, your children will not even realize they’re learning.

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