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Developmental Milestones for Your Toddler

Developmental Milestones for Your Toddler

Keeping track of your child’s milestones is a great way to see whether or not they are developing at a pace appropriate for their age. Although children go through these milestones at different paces, it can set an average and can help you track red flags at an early age. This is why we encourage the parents at our preschool in Florida to regularly monitor the development of their children.

Here are some developmental milestones for toddlers aged 12 months old:

  • Physical
    Can stand and sit down by themselves. They may even start taking steps by themselves and can crawl well.
  • Social
    They are aware of and can be shy around strangers.
  • Language
    This is the time when children start to use words like no, bye-bye, mama, and dada.
  • Cognitive
    They can play peek-a-boo, point at objects, and hand objects to others.

You can also encourage your toddler’s development through activities, such as reading books together, naming objects you see, talking with them about everyday things, and playing with them.

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