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Different Sensory Play Ideas for Your Kids in Summer

Different Sensory Play Ideas for Your Kids in Summer

It’s no secret that children learn best through play and making their hands dirty! It’s the best way to keep your children busy while exploring the world through their senses at the same time.

Cub Academy has compiled a list of simple sensory play activities that you can do with them during child care in Orlando, Florida.

  • Sensory Bins.

    Oatmeal, sandbox, oobleck—you name it. Sensory bins are fantastic and amazing toddler activities. Engagement in a sensory bin is a serious and significant learning experience for children from which they learn different skills such as math, science, play, and even life skills like what they learn from pre-school in Florida.

  • Picking Wild Flowers.

    A quick google search can lead you to a great farm near your area that’s good for flower picking. Walking through the flowers, feeling their petals in their hands, and smelling them is definitely one for the books! It’s an awesome sensory experience for children.

  • Make Homemade Salsa.

    Homemade salsa is so easy to do, in fact, it can be done at home and even at day care. But one that’s made at home with fresh ingredients is one to live for! If salsa isn’t your thing, try lemonade or strawberry ice cream. Enjoying this activity with your children stimulates vision, smell, and taste.

  • Go Swimming, Hiking or Walking at the Park.

    Perhaps you didn’t know that these are all sensory activities that your kids can get on all the time. These activities allow kids to explore the world around them and engage their senses. These are calming to them and they get different input for their senses.

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