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Fun Children’s Indoor Games to Play Today

Fun Children's Indoor Games to Play Today

With many children being stuck at home nowadays, parents should ensure that the children still get enough exercise and playtime daily. Remember, children don’t need to be in preschool in Florida to enjoy playtime. Even at home, there are indoor games they can have fun with. Here are some of the best examples of indoor games to play:

  • Balancing Beam
    The outdoor playground near the day care center isn’t the only one that can install a balancing beam. You can make one at home too. To make a makeshift balancing beam, all you have to do is draw a straight line on the floor. Use different colored tapes to establish different rules. For example, have the children walk without any gaps on blue tapes while they should walk on one leg on yellow tapes. The one who can walk the entire length without going out of line wins the game.
  • Sock Toss
    This is a makeshift version of the indoor basketball. All you need are folded up socks and a bucket. Take turns to shoot the socks into the bucket, moving a step away from the bucket after every turn. The one who scores the most basket wins the game.
  • Fort Building
    Fort building is one game that both children and adults will like. The materials needed for this game include pillows, cardboard boxes, blankets, and chairs. If you can find anything in the house that you think you can use, then don’t hesitate to bring it out too.

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