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Fun Learning Activities to Do With Your Kids at Home

Fun Learning Activities to Do With Your Kids at Home

Day care is not the only place for your little ones to learn. When your child’s at home, you’re their teacher.

At Cub Academy, we encourage parents to play fun learning activities with their kids at home. Here are engaging and effective activities that you can do:

  • Play with lego
    Playing with construction toys like Lego helps boost creative thinking. It also helps develop and strengthen your child’s fine motor skills.
  • Treasure hunt
    One way to sharpen those map-reading skills is through hiding a treasure in the house and have your kids use a map to find it.
  • Word memory game
    Improve your child’s vocabulary by playing a memory game. Write words on one card, definitions on another, and then play a traditional memory game.
  • Color mixing experiment
    If your kids love science, try this classic vinegar-and-baking-soda experiment that kids love doing at their preschool in Florida. To make it extra exciting, add food coloring to the mix and let your kids see what happens when different colors combine.

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