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Healthy Food Tips for Preschoolers

healthy-food-tips-for-preschoolersPreschoolers are generally active. Their energy level is always high, and they love to keep moving like they can rival those of some grown men and women. Their food consumption and eating plan should include healthy foods like poultry, seafood, eggs, lean meats, legumes, whole grains, at least two servings of dairy foods per day, and a serving of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Kids in day care are also picky when it comes to food. Treats are not prohibited, but as parents, you need to limit and control. You don’t need to strictly track their nutritional intake, but you have to make sure that they are at least eating nutritious and healthy foods.

As a provider of Child Care in Orlando, Florida, Cub Academy would like to share the following healthy food tips below that you may adapt to ensure that your preschoolers are healthy and maintain their energy levels:

  • Always ensure that you have time for meals.
    Having time for meals means you always make regular family meals. This creates an opportunity for the children to have proper nutrition. Eating together encourages social skills for preschoolers, as they have the time and venue to foster language development while talking to other family members. It also helps them develop proper table manners.
  • Schedule meals and snacks.
    This will help preschoolers sustain the gaps of not following a rigid eating plan. Healthy between-meal snacks help them fill nutrient gaps in a little one’s diet. The ideal food snacks are healthy foods in amounts that will satisfy their hunger.

To know more about proper nutrition for kids, please feel free to call us. We also offer Preschool in Florida.

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