• We are a NUT Free School.
  • Spanish Emergent School
  • Healthy Food Provided (Home-like food)

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High-Quality Learning for Children

High-Quality Learning for Children

Are you looking for the best academy for your child? There are reliable providers of child care in Orlando, Florida, which can give your child with quality education and professional care. With their friendly teachers and a safe environment, your child will have a fun learning experience.

Cub Academy is one of the best learning schools for your child. This academy is:

  • Family-owned;
  • Provide bilingual curriculum;
  • Supports a combination of STEAM;
  • Promotes school preparedness; and
  • Accepts voluntary Pre-Kindergarten credentials

Aside from providing a holistic educational experience, this preschool in Florida also serves healthy meals for your child. They focus on providing quality education to the children while ensuring their security and wellness inside the premises. They also have various programs and activities that promote each child’s physical health and mental alertness.

Day Care is the first step of each child’s learning. The teachers will make sure that your child is comfortable while learning. Teachers will also conduct a regular assessment with parents to help you and your fellow parents know each of your child’s educational advancement and how you can help nurture their knowledge. Besides, they provide lessons and teaching strategies that suit every child’s learning pace. The academy helps ensure the child’s future by fostering the child’s overall physical and mental capacity.

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