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How to Limit Screen Time for Children

How to Limit Screen Time for Children

When it comes to quality child care in Orlando, Florida, limiting the child’s screen time is a must. This is because too much screen time isn’t good for the child’s eyes – even their overall well-being!

So, how do you limit the child’s screen time? Here are some of the best tips to take advantage of, both at home and at the child’s day care:

  • Set a schedule.

    Only allow the child to have access to phones, tablets, or TV on a specific time of the day and for a specific duration.

  • Set a cheat day.

    This is the time when the child can binge-watch the shows they want. Of course, you have to make sure that the shows they choose are all age-appropriate.

  • Install a tracking app.

    Take advantage of tracking apps and parental-control apps. These apps can monitor just how long the child has been using a certain device.

  • If they want to use the device, ask them why.

    It is always a good trick to let the child justify why they want to use a particular device. Of course, them justifying doesn’t mean you’ll be saying no all the time. The reasoning behind this is just so the child will understand that there are many productive ways they can use the device.

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