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How to Positively Communicate with Your Child

How to Positively Communicate with Your Child

There is no doubt about how stressful parenting can be. Emotions can get the best of us and, try as we might, we may accidentally say negative things out of frustration.

As your trusted provider of child care in Orlando, Florida, we at Cub Academy truly understand where you are coming from. That said, negative words can be harmful to your child, especially since they are in this crucial stage of development.

Fortunately, there are effective ways you can avoid these and practice positive communication with your child. These are practices we do ourselves in our preschool in Florida. These includes:

  • Be present and pay attention. Make time out of your busy schedule to physically be there for your child, even a few hours make a difference. For instance, you can get them from their day care instead of letting a relative or your helper do so.
  • Practice saying these words of encouragement to them:

    • Good job!
    • That’s amazing
    • I’m very proud of you
    • You’re so thoughtful
    • You did it!
    • I like playing with you
    • That was a great try
  • Always remember to use a gentle tone. Children pick up on the tone of your voice first before they do your words.
  • Try to do away with impatient body language such as sighing, foot-tapping, or aggressively putting things away, among others. These can discourage your child from talking.
  • Thank them for helping out and notice their efforts, no matter how small.

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