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Importance of Day Care Centers

Importance of Day Care CentersPutting your offspring in child care is not only efficient if you cannot look after them because of your work, but also helpful for them to have a normative framework in the social and educational aspects of their formative years. If you’re looking for child care in Orlando, Florida, know that you have a great and affordable option. Welcome to Cub Academy!

For children 1-5 years old, we offer year-round programs that are tailor-fit to the level of capability within their age range.

  • Toddlers Program
    For children 12 months to 30 months old, we offer the Creative Curriculum to stimulate their learning. Even at such a young age, we must keep our toddlers mentally active for a better transition to formal learning later on.
  • Young Preschool Program
    Children 30 months to 42 months old, they are being prepared for preschool learning, hence the presence of a structured schedule to follow. While the Creative Curriculum is still implemented, children in this program are also introduced to basic vocabulary and literacy skills.
  • Preschool and Pre-kindergarten Program
    Learning topics such as mathematics, vocabulary, literacy, and critical thinking are given in this program. Formal learning starts at this stage, and classrooms are more diverse with respective areas for subjects such as reading, art, computer, math, and a lot more. Parents are also informed of their offspring’s educational progress.

Day care centers are integral to a child’s growth, and experience. It contributes to their intellectual growth as they get to know the world better.

Help us introduce your child to the world of learning, and contact us for inquiries and questions about a preschool in Florida!

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