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Interacting with Children of the Same Age

Interacting with Children of the Same Age

While your child can learn various skills through interaction with adults, it does not beat the skills they learn from interacting with children of their own age. As a preschool in Florida, we let our students interact with each other through games and unstructured playtime to ensure the development of their social skills.

Here are some skills they gain from interacting with children of the same age:

  • Learning through play
    As they have fun with toys and games, children learn skills such as problem-solving, sharing, conflict resolution, and creativity with other children.
  • Social skills
    It helps them establish boundaries and learn how to resolve conflicts amicably.
  • Language and communication
    Being around children naturally encourages more conversations, singing songs, and telling stories. This helps them develop their vocabulary and learn how to communicate their feelings.
  • Listening skills
    While they learn how to follow instructions and guidance from their parents, interacting with children their age helps them learn how to listen to their peers and process this information.
  • Confidence building
    Children learn how to be independent and trust in their own skills as they are away from their parents in day care.

Are you looking for quality child care in Orlando, Florida for your child to interact with children of the same age? We at Cub Academy have programs for children aged 12 months to 5 years old.

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