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Is Your Child Ready?

Is Your Child Ready?

Readiness to learn is an important concept that schools providing day care consider in their curriculum. Imagine learning about geometry in preschool, inappropriate, right? This is based on Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. He believes that children should not be taught different concepts if they are not ready. He laid out the theory in four stages:

  • Sensorimotor stage (infancy)
    Every school offering child care in Florida knows the importance of developing fine motor skills. In this stage, knowledge of the world is limited to motor activities and sensory perceptions.
  • Pre-operational stage (2-7 years old)
    Language, memory, and imagination are developed, but children do not yet understand concrete logic. Children at Cub Academy who belong to this stage are under the Young Preschool Program. In the program, vocabulary building is enriched to develop literary skills.
  • Concrete-operational stage (7-11 years old)
    Intelligence is demonstrated through concrete logic. Children can start to understand quantity, reason of things if materials are physically present, and work things out internally in their heads.
  • Formal-operational stage (12 years old to adulthood)
    The ability to think of abstract concepts emerges in this stage. Children are also able to formulate theories and hypotheses in solving problems.

Whatever stage your child is in, choosing the right preschool in Florida is the most crucial. As long as the school promotes a nurturing environment that will stimulate learning and development, your child is in good hands.

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