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Preschool Tips to Teach a Child About Shapes

Preschool Tips to Teach a Child About Shapes

There are many activities that a child can enjoy while they are in preschool in Florida. These activities are not only fun but educational as well. For example, children can learn shapes while they are playing with their peers.

When it comes to activities that can be used to teach children about shapes, here are some suggestions to consider:

  • Sand/Salt box
    Fill a box with sand or salt and hide cutouts in it. The cutouts can be in the shape of a triangle, square, circle, or any other shape. Once a child finds a cutout, let them identify what shape it is.
  • Matching game
    There are many ways to do this game, but the basic idea is to have two medium matches each other. It can be cardboard with drawings of shape on them to be matched with cutouts. Facilities offering child care in Orlando, Florida, typically have numerous materials you can use to create a matching game.
  • Craft sticks
    If there are match sticks lying around the classroom, you can then use it to let the child form the shapes on their own. You can call out the shape, and they can form it with the craft sticks.
  • Playdough
    One way to use the playdough to teach the child about shapes is to let them form the shapes you call out. Another way is to use molds.

Cub Academy is focused on making day care educational and fun for the little ones. If you have further inquiries about our curriculum, be sure to give us a call.

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