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Safe Sleep Practices for Babies

Safe Sleep Practices for Babies

Babies have limited mobility and will require assistance from their parents to move them around. So, if parents don’t pay attention to safe sleep practices and proper child care in Orlando, Florida, then these babies can be really uncomfortable in their cribs.

Here are some of the top sleeping practices that can keep infants – and even children who are old enough to go to day care – safe:

  • Use firm sleep surfaces.
    Choose a bassinet or crib that actually complies with the safety standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). In addition, pick a firm mattress and use a fitted sheet that’s suitable for babies.
  • Don’t let the baby sleep on an armchair, sofa, or couch.
    Letting the baby sleep on an armchair, sofa, or couch can put them in danger. It is imperative that children sleep in their crib or on a baby sleeping mattress for floors.
  • Keep away soft objects.
    Soft objects can be pillows, comforters, blankets, bumper pads, toys, quilts, or sheepskins. No matter how these items may look comfortable to you, you shouldn’t place them anywhere near your baby’s sleeping area as these items actually pose the risk of suffocation for them.
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