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Simple Ways To Encourage Kids To Read

Simple Ways To Encourage Kids To Read

Reading is a fundamental skill that will help your children in building their self-esteem. When they enjoy reading, it is easy to encourage them to read more while immersed in it. But, how will you teach readership among your kids? Begin with these baby steps below:

  • Connect with your child through reading.

    Whether in day care or preschool, communicating with your kids through reading books will cultivate their love for reading and improve their language skills. Reading and language come hand in hand. Make use of simple sentences and objects to make it so they can visualize what they are reading and enhance their comprehension.

  • Make reading a part of your daily routine.

    Spending at least 30 minutes a day of reading will help kids enjoy the colorful illustrations in the book. It will also encourage them to continue reading in the next few days to come. At a preschool in Florida, your child gets to read and interact with other children, making it a safe and fun environment for this activity.

  • Choose the rights books.

    When your kids start to read, choose books that aren’t too hard or too easy for them. Kids still have a short attention span so when they get bored, it’s easy for them to stop reading. Know what their book preferences so you can get them a book that they will surely love.

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