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Smart Ways to Help Children Better Express Their Feelings

Smart Ways to Help Children Better Express Their Feelings

Encouraging self-expression helps kids to understand their feelings and those that revolve them. Sometimes, kids feel unseen or unheard, especially when people around them try to deny their emotions by telling them not to cry and get excited or angry. Learn how to give leeway to emotions below.

  • Respond to their words and actions.
    The first sign your kids feel vulnerable is when they start becoming clingy to you. They call your name often or do things to catch your attention. When these happen, try to read their cues and respond to them as soon as you can. It is vital to address their needs, as often as possible, to prevent them from developing attention issues as soon as they attend a preschool in Florida.
  • Help them identify their feelings.
    When your kids get frustrated, angry, or sad after a long day at the day care center, it is a great chance to come in and help them identify their feelings. This situation will aid you in teaching them about their emotions and others’ feelings, too.
  • Be there for them.
    Besides being physically there for them, empathetic listening is also crucial for children. Show them that you are there for them using your words, body language, and attention. Tune in to their problems or issues and let them know that you can help them sort out their feelings.

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