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Spring Recipes You Can Make with Your Kids

Spring Recipes You Can Make with Your Kids

Spring is here! Along with the blooming of the fresh buds, that Spring breeze, the perfect temperatures, and the even more perfect scenery is your chance to try these healthy Spring recipes you can make with your kids.

Of course, you can make these anytime of the year, but Spring is when you can get the freshest produce in your local supermarket. Trust us, we’ve been serving these fresh stuff in our day care and the kids love them!

As your partner in child care in Orlando, Florida, we at Cub Academy are sharing the ones we have been enjoying ourselves.

  • Rainbow spring rolls
    These are spring rolls with your choice of colorful veggies, noodles, and fruits. Let your child pick what they want and see what rainbow of colors they come up with.
  • Chickpea salad
    Salads are a mainstay during Spring, they are also very simple to make. Just toss in your chickpeas and your choice of veggies, spices, and cheese over medium heat and serve.
  • Fruit lemonade popsicles
    Who likes deserts? We do! Serve this treat to end your child’s day after their preschool in Florida. Use whatever fruits you have on your pantry, slice or cube, and put them in lemonade, put the mixture in a popsicle molder (don’t forget to put the popsicle sticks!), freeze, and enjoy!

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